The goal of Gedeon Richter Plc.'s business strategy for the period 2018–2028 is to become a prominent player in the league of European-based midpharma.
To this end, the product portfolio, the related know-how, infrastructure and commercial capabilities are constantly evolving, with an emphasis on high intellectual value-added products in addition to traditional and generic medicines. Consequently, Richter needs to focus its resources on areas where it has specialised knowledge: CNS disorders in original research, women's healthcare and biosimilar product development.
Women's Healthcare

We look after women’s health globally by setting trends in female fertility, uterine fibroids / endometriosis, female contraception, vaginal infections, menopause and female technology.

Key strategic goalBy addressing unmet needs and staying ahead of innovation we aim to become the leading provider of pharmaceutical products for European women by the end of the decade.

Therapeutic area: Women’s Healthcare


Leveraging our world class early phase R&D capability in the central nervous system domain we build a pipeline of small molecule drug candidates mainly in the field of neuropsychiatry.

Key strategic goal: Maximize the potential of cariprazine, while developing and partnering original R&D projects that provide the basis for revenue and earnings growth beyond 2030.

Therapeutic area: Neuropsychiatry


Leverage our biotechnology platform to develop and manufacture biosimilar drugs for global markets.

Key strategic goal: By establishing ourselves as a relevant player in the Rheumatology/Osteoporosis TA, we aim to become a solid contributor to corporate profits by the end if this decade. We leverage our biotechnology expertise in providing value to third party clients through our contract development and manufacturing services.

Therapeutic area: Rheumatology, Osteoporosis

General Medicines

Comprises our established and generic portfolio in various therapeutic areas in the Central and Eastern European regions.

Key strategic goalProvide broad access to high quality and affordable medications while remaining a reliable source of revenue growth, scale and margins.

Therapeutic area: Cardiology, Blood, Diabetes, CNS