Subject to the company law regulations and requirements under Hungarian law, Gedeon Richter Plc. is primarily and obligatorily entitled to establish a responsible corporate governance system exclusively for Gedeon Richter Plc. that is, the parent company. The corporate governance of each company and subsidiary within the Richter Group (management, internal governance, division of powers and responsibilities, etc.) is developed in accordance with the characteristics and expectations of company law under the national legal system governing the given company or subsidiary. Corporate governance within Gedeon Richter Romania aims to make the company's activities and processes more efficient and transparent, in order to protect the interests of the social partners and to guarantee the achievement of the objectives.
The organisational structure and the operational functioning of the company are regulated by the Articles of Association, the Rules of Organisation and Functioning and the legislation in force concerning joint-stock companies. To achieve the company's objectives, the operational activity is regulated by resolutions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, respectively by the decisions of the General Manager and the Executive Management.