According to a memorable motto "Progress is impossible without change, and those who can not change their mentality, not change anything", Gedeon Richter Romania SA has launched an ambitious policy to limit the direct and indirect impact of operations on our environment at each stage of the cycle life of manufactured products.

Through our environmental policy, we are committed to reducing the consumption of resources by using them efficiently and by replacing old, energy-intensive equipment with modern, low-energy equipment.

The general environmental objectives are materialized by the continuous improvement of the environmental performance for all our locations and activities, being identified in the five key environmental aspects associated with our operations: greenhouse gas emissions and climate change; the water; environmental pharmaceuticals; waste; and biodiversity, by:

  • reduce the impact on climate change by reducing atmospheric emissions and implementing solutions to reduce energy consumption at all stages of the drug production process;
  • conservation of non-renewable natural resources by optimizing and integrating the integrated processes of the company's processes, so as to maintain and conserve biodiversity and related ecosystems both inside and in the vicinity of work points, throughout their life. One of the directions It is important to raise the awareness of all employees about the environment and to improve their behavior through voluntary environmental campaigns.

Every day we improve our performance in relation to the environment and we always take all the necessary measures to be able to respond to future challenges and opportunities, while reducing the impact on the environment. As such, we are constantly developing and maintaining emission management, water conservation and waste reduction programs, while protecting habitats and natural resources in the various ecosystems in which we operate, in line with applicable regulations.

We are aware that the only viable solution for a sustainable future is to promote smart and efficient energy. That is why, year after year, through sustained efforts at the company level, we include more and more environmental landmarks in our local and global operations.

We have managed to integrate environmental protection into our value chain, and we believe that the road to success requires a continuous approach, in order to achieve as many goals as possible and to set new benchmarks. In this sense, our goal is to always go further, that is why we will continue to look for and mark new and new landmarks in search of a better and more sustainable future!

In 2020, the environmental management system was implemented in accordance with the requirements of the SR EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard. In September of the same year, the certification of the Integrated Management System quality-environment-health and safety at work was obtained, by auditing by the Certification Body URS ROMANIA.

Annually, the Integrated Management System quality-environment-health and safety at work is audited externally.