​​​The products developed to affect the central nervous system are an important and constantly growing part of Richter’s product range, contributing 24 percent of Gedeon Richter’s total pharmaceutical sales in 2019.​
CNS is also the focus area of Richter’s original drug research. In 1999 the company took a decision that instead of conducting research activity in several therapeutic areas it concentrates its R&D efforts on this specific field, utilising the traditions, expertise and scientific achievements that it had gained in this area in the preceding decades.

The best-selling product of our CNS portfolio, and at the same time one of Richter's best known original products is Cavinton. The product, which is the result of more than 20 years of R&D work, is used in the treatment of chronic cerebral circulatory disorders and has been on the market for forty years.

The latest addition to the portfolio is our proprietary antipsychotic which has become a blockbuster in the US. Learn more about cariprazine.

In addition, our central nervous system drugs include anaesthetics, anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills, modern anti-epileptic medicines as well as a product for treating neuropathic pain.

The strategic objective for Richter is to provide a continuously expanding product line in this segment too.