Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide with hypertension being the cause in more than 75% of the cases. Gedeon Richter offers innovative treatment options for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular conditions.

The Heartbeat programme illustrates the special attention the company devotes to treating these diseases. “Heartbeat” expresses the commitment Richter feels towards patients as well as the effort with which it tries to contribute to the effectiveness of treating cardiovascular diseases.

Our products have won innovation awards on several occasions, and their effectiveness has made them part of the everyday routine of doctors in several countries around the world. Richter is a leader in developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical preparations for treating cardiovascular diseases. It nevertheless is constantly expanding the range of its cardiovascular preparations and providing comprehensive therapies.

Our goal as a pharmaceutical manufacturer is to improve people’s quality of life and treat patients with innovative, effective and affordably priced products.