The promotion and communication activities of our company are regulated by Law No. 95/2006 of 14 April 2006. The internal set of rules and guidelines also provides guidance and promotes our commitment to transparent communication.
Richter's Compliance Manual includes the Business Conduct and Transparency Policy, which encompasses and outlines rules for establishing relationships with business professionals and patient organizations, as well as on industry legislation and transparency in communication. In addition, the procedures for the promotion of medicines marketed by Gedeon Richter in Romania regulate the following:
  • the duties and responsibilities of those involved in promotional activities;
  • management of information on the safety of medicines;
  • the procedure for preparing promotional materials;
  • management of samples and donations of medicines;
  • organising events and supporting participation in events;
  • organising promotional activities for health professionals;
  • development of commercial offers and promotions.

Medical representatives and regional managers engaged in our marketing activities regularly attend comprehensive medical training and skills development courses. The parent company regularly organizes professional courses for product managers on marketing topics, medical topics and notions and knowledge that help design materials that comply with the principles of legal, effective and honest communication.

The parent company has developed several guidelines to support and coordinate the Richter Group's marketing tasks, including:

  • marketing plan development guidelines;
  • Digital Marketing Solutions Guidelines;
  • medical and marketing aspects in the production of promotional materials;
  • organisation and conduct of scientific events.

The knowledge of staff involved in the development and use of materials is regularly tested.

The training manuals, professional information materials and promotional materials used in training activities are also prepared, reviewed and approved in accordance with external and internal regulations.