A number of years ago, Gedeon Richter identified the growing importance of biological drugs over the medium to long-term, and in 2006, took the strategic decision to enter this novel, intellectually valuable field. In doing so, Gedeon Richter’s management was confident that its decades long expertise in fermentation, a highly sensitive procedure used both in the manufacturing process of biological drugs and in that of steroids, would create a competitive edge over many of its peers.

In 2007, Gedeon Richter acquired Helm AG, a family owned R&D and manufacturing site in Hamburg, Germany. A joint venture was established, with Gedeon Richter as the majority shareholder. Today, Richter Helm Biologics manufactures bacterial and yeast-based proteins, runs pilots, and conducts R&D.

A much larger scale investment followed with the construction of a pilot plant and laboratory in Budapest to enable the development of biologics based on mammalian cell expression. In addition, a brand new manufacturing unit was built in Debrecen's industrial park in Eastern Hungary.

These two sites allowed Gedeon Richter to begin developing and manufacturing biological drugs, based on mammalian cell fermentation.

At Gedeon Richter we control every step in the production of our treatments, from development to distribution and commercialisation. This allows us to continually test our products, with the aim to provide cost-effective and modern therapies for patients with severe diseases.

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