Conducting our business in a responsible manner is an essential part of our strategy. By developing innovative products and maximising access to them, we aim to provide direct benefits to patients, whilst maintaining profitability and sustainability. The value we generate doesn't just benefit our business - it has a positive impact on the wider world, as healthy people and communities are essential to building healthy societies. 

How do we seek to deliver sustainable business growth and value creation?

  • we aim to reduce our global carbon footprint by 55% by 2030, vs 1990;
  • we aim to be carbon neutral by 2050;
  • managing our business responsibly, with high levels of corporate governance;
  • creating high-quality, rewarding employment;
  • valuing our employees and protecting their safety;
  • striving to provide access to our products for those who need them;
  • minimising the environmental impact of our products and operations;
  • supporting community-based projects and encouraging innovation in science