Gedeon Richter is strongly committed to protecting the environment during the course of its activities. As a large pharmaceutical corporation, it puts great emphasis on prevention and a continuous reduction of environmental impacts of its activities. The Company combines its more than 120 years of traditions and its extensive scientific knowledge with today's modern expectations in order to fully meet international and Hungarian requirements. 

The business of a pharmaceutical company which engages in integrated research, development, manufacturing and sales requires our experts  to work with the utmost care in every phase of our activities. This ensures that the production of the drugs developed to treat patients places the smallest possible burden on the environment. When implementing green investment projects and improving existing facilities, the most advanced technologies available are used to continuously reduce environmental impacts. When doing research on new products and developing innovative procedures, our experts take into account the environmental risks of future production, the dangers of using toxic materials, the options for recycling and the operational risks of the technologies. Our energy experts are responsible for ensuring safe operation as well as for monitoring and, as much as possible, increasing the efficiency of energy consumption in order to protect natural resources.

Solvents make up most of the polluting materials used in production. Most solvents used once in production are recycled – either directly or, depending on their quality, after a pre-treatment process. It is an inevitable consequence of our business activities that small amounts of various chemicals are released into the environment. Special disposal equipment is used to reduce air pollution. Our plant in Dorog has a three-step biological treatment facility to neutralise waste water. In Budapest, the waste water is funnelled into the city’s biological waste water treatment plant after local pre-treatment. Hazardous waste is handled by companies with special permits and expertise.

Our sites in Budapest and Dorog, where the production of active agents involves significant risks regarding environmental impact, we operate an ISO-14001 certified Environment Management System. The compliance of the system is confirmed by the success of three year re-certification audits and annual supervisory audits. In 2016, we obtained the certification for our biotechnology plant in Debrecen, so the EMS certificate is now valid for all our domestic production sites. We do our work in compliance with the provisions set forth in the Unified Environmental Permits issued by the competent environmental authorities for each production site, and we regularly submit the required performance reports on tasks with a specified deadline.

We expect all of the Company’s employees and external contractors to fully comply with the environmental requirements and also to enforce compliance in their own areas. We achieve this by providing regular training, sharing information, introducing incentive-based solutions and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions.

We feel a sense of responsibility for both our immediate and wider environment. We are proud of the fact that the constant development of our manufacturing infrastructure and technologies is creating a firm foundation for our efforts on behalf of a better and healthier environment.