Our marketing communications are governed by relevant national laws and Codes of Practice and authority guidelines, as well as our internal system of rules, which together facilitate our commitment to transparent communication. 

In the UK, Gedeon Richter are proud to align the marketing and promotion of our products with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice. Compliance with ABPI Code supports the proper use of our medicines and ensures the appropriate and timely exchange of scientific information. Gedeon Richter’s own Compliance Manual, which includes policies about business conduct and transparency helps to ensure we act within both the letter and the spirit of the relevant legislation and ABPI Code of Practice. Gedeon Richter's compliance policy also assures we act within the Proprietary Association of Great Britain (PAGB) codes of practice which cover the promotion of over-the-counter medicines to healthcare professionals and patients. The Handbook of Pharmaceutical Legislation, which is part of the Policy, describes in detail the general rules surrounding the content of promotional materials, the mandatory content of information materials if they are intended for professionals, and the requirements for advertising over-the-counter medicines that are communicated to consumers.