Gedeon Richter was recognised with the “Innovative Company of the Year” award by the independent professional jury of the Hungarian business publication Figyelő TOP200 for its outstanding performance in research and development and innovation. Richter CEO Gábor Orbán received the prestigious recognition at the TOP200 gala on 5 November.

An initiative of the Hungarian business weekly Figyelő, the TOP200 publication offers an overview of the performance of the largest Hungarian companies each year, awarding the best in various categories. As innovation and R&D are important drivers of the organic growth of companies and the Hungarian economy as a whole, the jury of TOP200 also recognizes those companies that contribute to the accumulation of Hungarian know-how through their activities.

Richter winning the “Innovative Company of the Year” award on the basis of its 2019 performance is backed by the astounding success of the company’s original antipsychotic molecule cariprazine last year when it became one of the top 200 drugs in the United States and received two prestigious recognitions, Germany’s Galenus von Pergamon Award and Hungary’s “Medicine of the Year 2019” award. Last year also saw the launch of Richter's first in-house developed biosimilar product, Terrosa, and the expansion of the women’s healthcare portfolio with additional high value-added products.

Gedeon Richter CEO Gábor Orbán noted: “Continuous development and relentless innovation are the foundation stones of our operation, permeating all areas of Richter but probably most perceptible in our research and development activities. Our commitment is reflected in last year's results, which were taken into account by the jury, but also in the fact that we managed to synthesize and produce remdesivir, an API currently used in the treatment of Covid patients, in record time this year. I am extremely proud of our highly skilled and trained staff, through whom we are able to perform at such a top notch level.