The operation of Richter's comprehensive quality system imposes a complex and diverse task on the experts of the Quality Management Directorate. In all phases of our pharmaceutical manufacturing and development activities and throughout the entire life cycle of our products, our primary goal is to protect the health and safety of our consumers. 

To this end, we continuously train our employees, manufacture our medicines under state-of-the-art conditions, and not only check the production parameters during the manufacturing process, but also afterwards when we subject our products to chemical, physical and microbiological testing. We also pay attention to quality requirements during storage and transportation. All this to ensure that only high-quality medicines reach patients.

In manufacturing, we devote particular attention to compliance with the applicable technological and quality assurance regulations, as well as with domestic, European and other international laws and requirements. Our manufacturing operations and quality assurance system are regularly inspected by competent Hungarian and foreign authorities at both the parent company and our manufacturing subsidiaries.

In addition to the local authorities, in 2018 and 2019, our Hungarian facilities were inspected by the Belarusian, Yemeni, Russian, Chinese, Turkmen, South Korean and Saudi authorities, while our subsidiaries were inspected by the Russian, Peruvian and Belarusian authorities for compliance of the production and quality management system. We are very proud that for many years, these inspections have been concluded without any critical observations being made.

We operate a comprehensive quality management system based on the requirements of the current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, which includes risk management for the design, development and regulation of all products, devices and processes that may be a source of danger either for patients or for the Company. As we give priority to developing and harmonising the efficiency of the quality assurance system across the entire Group, we monitor the operation of our subsidiaries continuously and seek to develop the most consistent approach and procedures possible.