Richter, as a large pharmaceutical company, has a responsibility to create a safe workplace environment. Our multifold technologies, various equipment and thousands of dangerous chemicals entail considerable risk, which can only be managed within the framework of a carefully designed and monitored occupational safety management system.
Richter's management and all its employees consider the safety of each job as an individual task. Managers are aware of the typical risks associated with a particular workplace and organise and supervise work processes accordingly. Employees have the right to require safe working conditions and must comply with occupational health and safety regulations. These rules are summarised in Hungary in the MEBIR (Occupational health and safety management system) documentation.

MEBIR was introduced and certified by the Company in 2006 according to OHSAS 18001:1999. Richter was the first pharmaceutical company in Hungary to obtain the certificate. In 2012 (and then in 2015 and 2018), re-certification was based on OHSAS 18001:2007. In addition to certification audits, supervisory audits are carried out in the intervening years. The independent certification process supports continuous improvement.

MEBIR procedures and regulations cover every detail and contingency of pharmaceutical manufacturing and not just production alone. Feedback, performance evaluation and development are built-in elements. Our employees undergo medical screening adjusted to the risks, and the primary consideration when designing technologies and equipment is to use the fewest possible hazardous chemicals, choose equipment that provides the greatest safety and create containment for the technologies.

All our manufacturing subsidiaries operate in accordance with systematic occupational safety management and regulations. Gedeon Richter Romania received the certification in 2020. The certification was performed according to the provisions of the standard EN ISO 45001: 2018, by the certification body URS CERTIFICARI SRL, representative of URS UK in Romania. Our Indian unit, Themis Medicare, was also certified and audited according to local regulations.

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