Our company started the carbon footprint calculation in 2021, first for its Hungarian sites, which carry out a significant part of the production activity, and undertook the EU's "Fit for 55" objective, according to which we will reduce our carbon footprint by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990, and then by 2050 we will achieve climate neutrality.
In 2022, we included the Polish, Romanian, and Russian production subsidiaries in the project, and in 2023, we will also prepare the carbon footprint calculation for the Indian and German subsidiaries (for 2021-2022).

We determined the carbon footprint for all areas:

• Scope 1: direct emissions during our activity (own energy production, fuel consumption of company cars, direct emissions from facilities).

• Scope 2: indirect emissions resulting from purchased energy.

• Scope 3: indirect emissions resulting from purchased services and products (for example, purchased materials, logistics, business trips and commuting, waste management, infrastructure, buildings).

The results obtained show that energy consumption is responsible for approximately 50% of carbon emissions at each site (Scope 1 + 2).

Thanks to this, the reduction of the carbon footprint is currently based on the energy strategy. Energy efficiency and energy reduction measures, including the production of own green energy (e.g. solar panels), contribute significantly to the reduction of Richter's carbon emissions:

In 2022, we used 11% less energy at our Hungarian sites than in 2021, which also meant a large reduction in our carbon footprint.

By the end of 2023, we will be able to determine the base year of 1990 for the production subsidiaries and start negotiating emission reduction programs. In order to make the annual forecast more accurate, we determine our carbon footprint every year, so that we can definitely achieve the 55% reduction. Observing our own situation and the processes taking place in the world, we must also start preparing to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 as soon as possible. We report on our climate protection efforts annually in the group-level Sustainability Report, and in 2022 we joined the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), where we provide detailed data on our emissions every year.