The Richter Centre opens up a new era for the Hungary-based global company. With its iconic appearance, advanced technical and sustainability solutions, the new central office building reflects Gedeon Richter Plc.'s international stature. From now on, it will serve the management of the company's operations in Hungary and approximately 50 other countries.

The Richter Centre was inaugurated by Minister of Energy Csaba Lantos, Mayor of Budapest Capital 10th District Róbert Antal D. Kovács, Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Szilveszter E. Vizi, CEO Gábor Orbán, Nobel laureate physicist Ferenc Krausz, and the building’s designer, Gábor Zoboki.

This new investment opens up new horizons in overseeing the professional work of nearly 12,000 colleagues worldwide at the company. Designed by Zoboki Design & Architecture, the 17,400-square-meter, six-story building will provide an inspiring and highly comfortable working environment for over 400 employees simultaneously. The architectural concept emphasizes functionality, with human-centered and ergonomic interiors that support efficient work processes, innovation, reflected in its design and modern architectural technologies, and restraint, embodied in an elegant, refined, and timeless appearance.

When designing the community and workspaces, significant emphasis was placed on mitigating external and internal noise sources and using natural materials and colors in the interiors. This approach supports both deep focus and collaborative, team-based processes, thereby inspiring the innovative and world-class creative work that takes place at Richter.

The Richter Centre was designed with sustainability and environmental awareness in mind. Ground-source heat pumps harness the earth's heat for winter heating and summer cooling, minimizing energy consumption. The green areas created in and around the building improve its microclimate and promote local biodiversity. The green roof garden, by collecting and utilizing rainwater, also contributes to sustainable water management. The building, which meets the requirements for "LEED Gold" certification, serves as an example for future architectural projects with its applied technologies and reduced ecological footprint.

"A dream has come true today, as the new Richter Centre is filled with positive energy and inspiration. For me, this is the place where local knowledge and economic strength converge. Where quality meets courage, and creativity meets rationality. It is a jewel for Richter, Kőbánya, Budapest, and Hungary. And last but not least, it will be a worthy symbol of a Hungary-based global company that is present in about 100 countries and serves the health and quality of life of millions of people," said Gábor Orbán, CEO of Richter.

Prof. Dr. Szilveszter E. Vizi, Chairman of Gedeon Richter Plc., said in his welcome speech, "The fact that Hungary produced two Nobel laureates last year is clear evidence that talent is present and excellence is visible in the Carpathian Basin. This excellence is also present with us here today: we are not simply inaugurating a new office building, but an architectural creation that represents the innovation and world-class standards characteristic of our company's operations and Richter's products. It is a building that can become a new symbol for Richter, symbolizing to our employees and partners at home and around the world the extraordinary success that Richter represents in the Hungarian economy and the pharmaceutical industry of the region."

“To me, this company represents both continuity and progress, and we should take pride in what it means for our national economy. Innovation and strength perhaps best characterize the history of this company, which has achieved significant, internationally recognized successes in a league where serious players abound. In certain industries, our competitiveness hinges on having bold, innovative companies that ensure we remain at the forefront in Europe. Richter excels in this regard, serving as a flagship of research & development, and innovation domestically. As a minister, I can assure the company's leaders that they can count on my support on this path," said Csaba Lantos, Minister of Energy, who also spoke about Richter's history, its founder, and its leaders in his address.

At the event, Róbert Antal D. Kovács, Mayor of Budapest's 10th district, also delivered a speech. "When I entered and looked around this office building, I saw the 21st century, but also continuity. It doesn't tower over me, it doesn't overwhelm; it creates value by staying grounded, just as Gedeon Richter did. Yet it inspires and spurs innovation. I am proud that Richter and its employees feel at home in Kőbánya, and like members of a large family, together with the local government, they continue to dream, plan, and build the city where we can say it's good to live and good to work,” he said.

Ferenc Krausz, Nobel laureate physicist, stated: "It is a great honor for me to be here today, and I would like to congratulate everyone who contributed to the creation of this wonderful building. One of the leading companies in Hungarian innovation can now move to a center worthy of its name in every respect. The inauguration of this building also signifies faith in Richter's ability to continue providing high-quality and affordable products that will improve the lives of millions of people for decades to come. Today marks an important milestone, and I wish the company every success in the future."

Hungarian architect and recipient of the Kossuth and Ybl Prizes, and designer of the building, Gábor Zoboki said: "We started collaborating with Richter back in 2004 with the fundamental concept of how to make the environment here more livable, greener, and more environmentally friendly. It is an incredible success for us that after building the research and development center of the company, we could also build the center of its corporate governance next to it. Every designer has their ars poetica: our fundamental idea is to understand the needs of those who will use the building and tailor our designs accordingly. This building is dynamic and embodies the same flow that Richter exemplifies: beautiful harmony, complexity, innovation, and humanity all at once. Such a complex community space hasn't been built in Hungary since maybe World War II, and this achievement is our shared success, developed together with Richter's leadership over the past years. We should be proud of it."


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Zsuzsa Beke

Head of PR and Government Relations

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