Our key focus areas for license-in (originals)
We are actively seeking to expand our pipeline and product portfolio based on the following criteria:
Women’s Health

Europe, Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), China, Latin-America, Australia

We are searching for:
clinical phase projects with efficacy signal, registered or marketed products

We offer:
acquisition, co-development and co-financing, registration, running price and reimbursement procedures, sales and marketing

Central Nervous System


We are searching for:   
research phase projects (preferably prior to lead optimalization) for treatment of general negative symptoms (e.g. schizophrenia negative symptoms, bipolar and major depression), treatment of psychotic symptoms (e.g. bipolar disorder) and treatment of cognitive symptoms (e.g. CIAS)

We offer:
acquisition of early developments, co-development and co-financing, registration, participation in P&R approval, sales and marketing

Additional focus areas
(Cardiovascular, Rheumatology, Respiratory, Anti-infectives, CNS late phase, OTC products)

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

We are searching for:   
late-stage clinical phase projects, registered or marketed products

We offer:
co-financing, registration, participation in P&R approval, sales and marketing

Joint development

We offer Research and Development collaborations in two major therapeutic fields:

  • we are interested in late-stage innovative developments within Women’s Healthcare
  • early-phase projects (preferably prior to lead optimalization) targeting the symptomatic treatment of general negative, psychotic and cognitive symptoms of psychiatric disorders and participation in the design and running of clinical trials in strategically selected areas within the Central Nervous System.
Technology transfer & manufacturing
In case of innovative license-in projects, Richter can take over the manufacturing from partners due to its ability to manufacture a broad range of APIs and finished dosage forms in our state of the art EMA and FDA approved facilities in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Germany. 
Throughout our licensing activities and during our long-term partnerships we are devoted to strengthen the collaboration with our value of innovation, stability, ethics and teamwork which have been the essence of the company since its foundation.
Starting from the first contact followed by pre-evaluation, due diligence, negotiation and execution of an agreement, our utmost goal is to maximize the know-how and expertise of both companies in order to deliver products that best meet the expectations of the stakeholder.
We believe that continuous support, knowledge-sharing and alliance management leads to a successful collaboration that helps parties to enhance their R&D and business. We believe that continuous support, knowledge-sharing and alliance management leads to a successful collaboration that helps parties to enhance their R&D and business. Our strengths and capabilities:
  • Original research on the field of CNS and Women’s Healthcare
  • Among top Women’s Healthcare companies with wide range of portfolio
  • Generic and API development in several countries
  • API & FDF manufacturing with 8 manufacturing sites globally
  • Own sales & marketing, distribution network in 51 countries
  • Over 3.000 specialized sales representatives and key account managers in Europe, Russia and CIS countries, China, Latin-America and Australia
  • Strong relationship with specialists and GPs
  • Regulatory affairs, extensive knowledge and expertise in local and central regulations
  • Excellent relationships with health authorities
  • Health Technology Assessment team supporting pricing and reimbursement process
  • Long-term partnerships with key medical societies in our focus areas

Our main partners

The evaluation and pursuit of partnering opportunities are performed by the Global Portfolio Development, Licensing & Strategic Pricing department at Budapest, in our headquarters.

The initial phase, Search & Identify begins with the exploration and identification of business opportunities that are in accordance with the Company’s strategic goals.

During the Assessment phase the evaluation of non-confidential information takes place. In the event the proposed opportunity is consistent with Richter’s strategic goals, feedback will be provided regarding the decision on pursuing the asset.

The complete exploration of the opportunity will take place via Due Diligence, during which all vital parameters, including but not limited to medical, regulatory, commercial and pharmaco-economic properties, will be thoroughly investigated by our internal experts.

Once the commercial viability of the proposed opportunity is deemed positive, Negotiations will take place to lay down fundamental collaboration details in pursuit of reaching final agreement.

Richter pays special attention to the role of Alliance Management by assuring that projects are managed properly and commitments are fulfilled in order to strengthen and enhance a successful partnership.

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